Dear colleagues,
The rise of biological sciences in the 21st century has become so dramatic that biology has lead to the generation of completely new sets of disciplines. Due to the advancements in genomic technologies the fields like molecular biology, biotechnology, molecular medicine, pharmacogenetics, personalized medicine, nanobiotechnology and neuroscience have evolved rapidly.

The positive impact of these advancements is not only evident in science and technology but also in economic growth and development. Thus, we are honored to announce the International Congress on Applied Biological Sciences'2016 (, which will take place at the International University of Sarajevo, in Bosnia and Herzegovina in between the dates 27-31 May, 2016.

We hope that the congress will not only provide the opportunity to share knowledge and experience in various fields of applied biological sciences but also will serve as a platform to connect  scientific scholars from various geographies including but not limited to West and Central Europe, Eastern Europe and Balkan region, Middle East and North America.

Yours sincerely,

Prof. Dr. Yücel OĞURLU

Rector, International University of Sarajevo